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Smog Check

If the state asks you to send in your smog test results, bring your vehicle to Em6 Autotech LLC. We will complete a comprehensive smog inspection to let the state know that your vehicle is not emitting too heavily. Smog tests are also helpful to look at the state of your engine in certain regards. If you are in fact emitting too heavily, you will likely need to undergo some repairs that we are happy to help you with. For the most competent smog testing team around and locally competitive prices, Em6 Autotech LLC is your team. You can always reach us at (713) 530-9351.

Get a Professional Smog Test

When getting a smog test, you’ll want to work with a professionally experienced team. at our smog test center, we have all the equipment to give you the inspection you need quickly.

Our clients love our service because they are always fast and effective.

Our dedication to providing good customer service to everyone that brings their vehicle into our shop ensures that your questions will be met by informative answers from a trusted team of experts.

Our Smog Inspection Service

Our smog testing follows a three-pronged approach.

Emission Diagnostic

We will first hook your vehicle up to our smog testing computer system to see how everything is running. If your vehicle is a 2000 model year or newer, it won’t require the tailpipe portion of the smog inspection.

Visual Inspection

For step 2, we go under the hood. The visual inspection is to make sure that all of your engine parts are functioning properly and haven’t been modified. Certain modifications are automatic smog test fails, and many others are fine as long as they meet the regulations. The visual test should take 2-3 minutes.

Functional inspection

This is the final test of the process. After running a comprehensive emission diagnostic and determining the state of your vehicle, we want to see your car in action.

We will do an idle test, and if we think we need a more detailed look at your vehicle’s functioning, we will drive your car on the dynamometer to see how your vehicle handles itself under pressure.

Visit Our Smog Shop

From the beginning of the process until you get your keys back from us, we will do our best with your vehicle. The smog station in our shop will give you the most accurate idea about your emissions, and once your vehicle completes the emissions test, we will send the results out to the governmental body that needs to see them.

Get in Touch with Em6 Autotech LLC’s Best Local Smog Center

Remember to contact Em6 Autotech LLC whenever you need a smog check. We are the team to call for all your smog inquiries. We are always ready to help serve your needs, and our team is highly trained to carry out the task efficiently.

If you’d like to schedule your smog check, please give our team a call at (713) 530-9351 today.

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